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For more information on the Nutrition Care Process, visit the Academy's website at (Member/Non-member) and explore the list of related resources and products below:

eNCPT (electronic Nutrition Care Process Terminology)
The eNCPT (formerly IDNT) is now on a new website platform and continues to offer all the peer-reviewed content of the previous version, but with new features to improve the user’s experience.

New Features

Translations: The Academy will collaborate with international dietetics associations to produce eNCPT translations. These translations will be easily accessible to subscribers via tabs on the webpage.

Easy Navigation: Every page in the new eNCPT includes a file path at the top so that users can never get lost. Additionally, with the improved toolbar at the top of the screen, users can now easily get to any section of the eNCPT immediately, no matter where they are on the site.

Modern Functionality: The Scribd tool allows the user to scroll through PDFs on the screen without downloading first.

Improved Organization: The new online platform follows the layout of the print edition so that charts are left intact and information flows in a logical way.

To learn more or to purchase a subscription to the eNCPT, visit


Nutrition Care Process Toolkits
These speciality toolkits are designed to provide the food and nutrition professional a resource in learning and applying the nutrition care process in a clinical setting.

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EAL Subscriptions
The EAL is a complimentary benefit for members of the Academy. Non-members can purchase: For pricing and ordering please visit the links above

Group Subscription Rates
If your association, university or medical library, or organization wishes to purchase a subscription to the Academy's EAL, contact Toni Acosta at [email protected] for rates.


Evidence-Based Practice Educator Modules
Educate - the Educator Modules provide educators with a variety of resources for teaching the content of the EAL and the Academy's evidence analysis process.Use these modules to help with your lesson planning. Each module includes MS Word documents and PowerPoint files with content and instructions for navigating the EAL, student assignments including case studies and questions for classroom discussion or take home exam, graduate or advanced assignment on evaluating a research article using the Academy's evidence analysis process, grading key for both assignments. Also includes three-week access to the EAL for up to 30 students.

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Evidence-Based Practice Presentations
These presentations are idea for the busy practitioner looking for user-friendly slides to assist them in implementing the Academy's Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines. Evidence-based practice utilizes systematically developed information for practical decisions about specific clinical circumstances.The presentations are ideal for use in meetings, in-service presentations and classes.

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Evidence-Based Practice Toolkits
Implement evidence-based nutrition practice and the Academy Nutrition Care Process. These toolkits are designed to assist the registered dietitian in applying evidence-based nutrition practice guidelines.

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Academy's Research Toolkit - 2011
This web-based toolkit is designed to help dietitians understand and embrace research. Learn how to evaluate and use published research, the basics of conducting a research project and how to interpret research articles effectively. It includes several "how to" modules, reference articles and much more. 
Academy's Research Toolkit, which was developed in 2011. DPBRN is currently developing a new iteration of the Research Toolkit; please look for this in late 2017/early 2018.

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