The synonyms listed below were approved in April 2016 by the Nutrition Care Process and Terminology (NCPT) Committee for use by countries in situations where an alternative to current NCP Terms is desired:
Current NCP Term Alphanumeric Code Synonym(s)
Food and nutrition related knowledge deficit NB-1.1 Limited food and nutrition related knowledge
Self-monitoring deficit NB-1.4 Limited self-monitoring
Undesirable food choices NB-1.7 Unbalanced diet
Physical inactivity NB-2.1 Limited physical activity
Inability to manage self-care NB-2.3 Limited ability to manage self-care
Impaired ability to prepare food/meals NB-2.4 Limited ability to prepare food and meals

As in the past, synonyms for NCP Terminology are communicated within the reference sheet for that particular term via an asterisk (*) and corresponding footnote.  A current example can be found within the reference sheet for Inadequate Energy Intake (NI-1.2).  Note that the reference sheet lists the term as "Inadequate* Energy Intake (NI-1.2)" and contains a corresponding footnote at the bottom of the reference sheet: "*If a synonym for the term “inadequate” is helpful or needed, an approved alternate is the word “suboptimal.”."

The synonyms reflected in the chart above will be represented within the appropriate NCPT reference sheets beginning with the 2016 Edition of the eNCPT.