Category Number of Simultaneous Users Annual Price (USD)
Individual Subscription: 1 user; password protected
This is a single user license allowing one specific user to access the product.
1 Academy Student Member
1 Academy Member $50
1 Individual Non-Member $100
Organization Subscription (multi-user): Access to NCP Terminology for use in EHRs
Hospitals, clinics, etc., using the NCP Terms in their EHR. Access available to a set number of employees within the organization to access the product via a unique URL. Also available internationally. 1 - 4 seats $200 per seat
5 - 15 seats $190 per seat
16 - 40 seats $180 per seat
41 - 65 seats $170 per seat
66 -99 seats $160 per seat
100+ seats Email NCP
Educator Subscription: Purchase multiple student subscriptions
Intended for student use only.
Educators can buy multiple subscriptions on behalf of their students. It requires an Academy Student Member number and .edu email to purchase. You must purchase a “seat” for each student; educators can purchase individual access for themselves as an Academy Member separately.
5+ Academy Student Members $25 per seat (5 seat purchase minimum)
Software Developer/Vendor Subscription: Access to use NCP Terminology in software
Software vendors who develop
and/or sell their product which includes the NCP terminology, abbreviations and codes.
1 Developer  Email NCP