Newly Released: eNCPT 2018 edition

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is excited to announce the launch of the eNCPT 2018 edition! eNCPT subscribers have instant access to the terminology and corresponding reference sheets updates and changes. 

2018 edition highlights include:
  • Improved recognition of reassessment as a part of the Nutrition Care Process
  • Severity descriptors added to adult and pediatric malnutrition (undernutrition) Nutrition Diagnosis terminology
  • Expanded narrative of the Nutrition Intervention step
  • Change in criteria of nutrition assessment and reassessment data from reference standards and goals to reference standards, recommendations, and/or goals.
  • Replacement of 'patient/client' with 'client' in the Nutrition Assessment and Diagnosis sections to move toward more people centered language
All changes to the terminology are explained and can be found in narrative format organized by the steps of the Nutrition Care Process (NCP):  Additionally, updated terminology sheets for the 2018 edition can be downloaded at the central Terminology page or by clicking on the "Terminology" tab at the top of any page within the eNCPT.

Questions? Contact [email protected] with any eNCPT 2018 edition inquiries.