The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics collaborates with international dietetic associations and their translating entities (collaborators, consultants or other able professionals appointed by the associations) in an effort to make the Nutrition Care Process Terminology a global language with international usage. These collaborrations have led to the availability of eNCPT translations in the following languages, respectively: Swedish, German (Switzerland), French (Canada), Norwegian (Norway), Danish (Denmark), Simplified Chinese (China), and Traditional Chinese (Taiwan). The folowing eNCPT translations are in progress: Spanish (Mexico) and Portuguese (Brazil). 

The Academy welcomes additional translations of the eNCPT.

  • The Academy owns and maintains the copyright to the eNCPT content, including any translations posted within the eNCPT website. Therefore, reprint permission for the English edition and any translated edition must be submitted via formal application to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics at [email protected].

  • The translating entity must receive support/backing from their national dietetic association or equivalent professional governing entity
  • The translating entity agrees to purchase a multi-user subscription to the eNCPT, providing access to the eNCPT for up to 1000 concurrent users.
  • The translating entity may receive exclusive rights to translate within their designated language by agreeing to update their translations with each yearly update to the eNCPT.
  • The translating entity agrees to provide translations of the current edition of the eNCPT in a manner timely enough for the Academy to upload said translations to the eNCPT prior to the release of the following edition. To accommodate this, the Academy will release to the translating entity translation content for the upcoming edition prior to its release in the English language.

A valuable publication that describes the translation experience of the eNCPT is the following:
McGreevy J, Orrevall Y. Translating Terminology for the Nutrition Care Process: The Swedish Experience (2010-2016). J Acad Nutr Diet. 2016.
PubMed Citation:  Translating Terminology for the Nutrition Care Process: The Swedish Experience (2010-2016).

Please direct any questions related to the translation process to NCP staff at [email protected]

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