About eNCPT
The eNCPT is a comprehensive guide for implementing the Nutrition Care Process using a standardized language:
  • Nutrition Assessment (terminology for specific data used in assessment and re-assessment)
  • Nutrition Diagnosis (terminology for specific nutrition problems)
  • Nutrition Intervention (terminology for specific nutrition interventions)
  • Nutrition Monitoring and Evaluation (terminology for data used to judge effectiveness of nutrition care).
2017 Edition Features
  • Updated: In September 2017, the Academy updated from the eNCPT Ed. 2016 to the eNCPT Ed. 2017.  This included the addition of a new Population Based Nutrition Action domain within the Intervention step. Detailed explanation of the update and updated terminology sheets can be found and downloaded by logging into the eNCPT.
  • Translations: The Academy is collaborating with international dietetics associations to produce eNCPT translations.  All subscribers have access to every language translation of eNCPT as they become available.
  • Easy to Navigate: Every page includes a file path at the top so users can never get lost.  Additionally, with the improved toolbar at the top of the screen, users can now easily get to any section of the eNCPT immediately, no matter where they are on the site.
  • Modern Appearance: The banner brings color to the site and includes a simplified version of the nutrition care model.  This new model distills the process down to its four steps making it easy to read at a glance.
  • User Friendly: The Scribd tool allows the user to scroll through PDFs on the screen without downloading first.
  • Improved Organization: Information flows in a logical way and charts are left intact.
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What Others Are Saying
  • The eNCPT is such a great help for implementing NCP and the terminology
  • The NCP Tutorials are phenomenal
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